Dear Customer,

it is with great pleasure that we give this latest news!

After various functional tests, we have managed to conclude various optimizations, which improve the reliability, security and performance of all our servers on


We also want to thank all the computer scientists and webmasters who update and optimize their websites day by day, where by doing so they protect their data and at the same time improve the online visibility of themselves as well as of their customers!


It goes without saying that by now we have almost even passed the state of the art, where all services and web spaces enjoy excellent performance and high levels of security.


However, we would like to inform you that for anyone interested, we also want to harden websites (recommended for everyone but especially for e-commerce and portals that deal with more sensitive information), where with our decades of experience, we know how to discourage even the tougher hackers.


Should it be your goal to achieve the highest security standards, feel free to write to us on, depending on the website and the data you process we can give you the best solutions suited to your needs, usually the figures do not exceed Fr . 180.- for minimal security, up to Fr. 300.- / Fr. 500.- for advanced security.


It is useless to tell you the real benefits of these measures and we want to remind you that all of our works are demonstrable online and are evaluated to various degrees and various standards on data security today.


Despite the fact that it is true that 100% security does not exist, however we know how to reach 95% up to 99.9% according to the need and your real needs.


Thanks again for choosing us!

lundi, avril 26, 2021

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