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Frequently asked questions for domain names

Why should I buy a domain name?

The domain name is like a postal address that serves to identify a web space / mailbox, so that the data can be delivered to the right place.

Without the domain, web spaces (hosting) or email boxes (mailboxes) could not work.

How can I manage nameservers?

The nameservers can be conveniently managed within the client area in: domains> my domains.

The nameservers are a fundamental component of the internet structure as these servers take care of transforming the domain name you typed when you write an email or an internet address (URL) in IP address (unique number of the server and therefore of the web space / email).

What happens if I pass the expiration date of an invoice for a domain?

The expiration date for a domain invoice must be respected as it is the one that will state for the domain to enter the quarantine state.

The state of quarantine is the state in which a domain enters when no payment has been made by the due date and this is to give the customer the opportunity to not lose the domain he owned.

The quarantine status is to be considered a guarantee for the customer not to lose the domain, unfortunately this state, in order to recover the domain it will be necessary to pay the cost to recover the domain from this state, otherwise the domain expires and will then be recordable after a few months / year from the public.

The payment of this cost by the customer is not absolutely mandatory, but it is necessary to make the domain return to functional / functional for its own needs.

We therefore advise you to avoid paying the domain name late, to avoid higher costs and due to the recovery of this expired domain.

I can also manage dns by purchasing a domain?

During the purchase of a single domain name, it is proposed to you whether to purchase the advanced DNS management service:

Advanced DNS management up to 10 domain names

This advanced dns management allows you to modify all the DNS records granularly and with just one advanced management service you can add (create aliases) up to 10 domain names.

Offer a satisfied or money back formula?

For domain names, it is not possible for us to have a satisfied or reimbursed formula as for the purchase of a domain and therefore for its “reservation” the investment of the amount published in the price list is necessary.

However, this formulation is available for all hosting packages, where only the purchase of the domain will be retained by us as it is also a cost to us.

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